Actual Customer Car Above is proud to offer various high performance brake fluids. We stock ATE, GS610, Motul and Pentosin brake fluids.

For racing applications, we offer:
ATE yellow and Super Blue with boiling temps of: 536F Dry and 388F wet.

GS610 with boiling temps of: 626F dry and 417F wet.

Motul RBF600 with boiling temps of: 594F dry and 421F wet.

For street use we recommend either the Motul 5.1 or Pentosin Super Dot4.

Located in Dublin, CA, we serve the Tri Valley of San Ramon, Dublin and Pleasanton. With a delivery route that goes North to Danville, East to Livermore, West to Hayward, and South to San Jose; we have daily deliveries to Fremont.

Email us with any questions or for a quote: benny{at}