Actual Customer Car Above is proud to offer Torco Race Fuels. We use this stuff in almost all of our cars. Since we started using this stuff, many of our competitors now use it too. Its just that good and that convenient. While we mainly use the Torco Accelerator, we have access to all of their race fuels in 5 gallon drums including Mach 100, 110, 114 116 NOS, and 118 NOS. The Torco Accelerator isn't an octane booster, even though that is what it effectively does. It is a race gas concentrate. The convenience of having race gas where and when you need it is immeasurable. But don't think that its expensive. We have found that using the Torco Accelerator is cheaper per gallon than buying Race gas at the pump. For example, a 32oz bottle of Accelerator will turn 10gallons of 91 octane into 102 octane. We have a guide so that you know exactly how much Torco Accelerator to use to make your desired octane levels.

Located in Dublin, CA, we serve the Tri Valley of San Ramon, Dublin and Pleasanton. With a delivery route that goes North to Danville, East to Livermore, West to Hayward, and South to San Jose; we have daily deliveries to Fremont.

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